Since 2016, as a kratom trading company, we’ve been export/selling kratom powder worldwide under our Radja Kratom Borneo brand. We offer an exclusive product that can’t be found anywhere. Our kratom powder comes from partially mature kratom leaves harvested from fully mature trees growing along a river in Borneo – Indonesia.

Radja Kratom Borneo was founded with the vision of being forward-thinking, progressive, honest, and trustworthy company to provide the finest quality of Mytragina Speciosa (Kratom). And we are trusted by reputable clients worldwide in the kratom industry. If you are looking for a kratom source, you come to the right place.We are happy to assist our new client,

contact us for more information about our kratom product, buying kratom in bulk, or other business inquiries.

Best Place to Buy Kratom In Bulk

At Radja Kratom Borneo, we bring you more of the best kratom strains on the market today, we also guarantee the quality of our products meets your standard quality criteria. We also promise you won’t be disappointed because we’ve been trusted by leading vendors around the world as the source.

Why us ?

1. We prioritize quality not quantity

the kratom leaves we pick are the best choice. by examining each leaf blade, and selecting the ones ready to harvest. we do not use leaves that are not ready for harvest.

2. Leaf cleaning is carried out in several processes

including the first scale cleaning to remove dust impurities carried by the wind, then the second scale cleaning is deep cleaning, cleaning using clean water from rainwater that we sediment several times. days so that the dirt in the water can settle.

3. The drying process

we use a rectangular room equipped with sterilizer water, by adjusting the room temperature so that it is not too hot or too humid, this is what we call quality control in indoor drying. with this we produce leaves that are neither too dry nor too wet to grind.

4. We do the grinding using a nano-tech grinding machine

hereby we produce kratom powder with super fine quality.