How long is the delivery duration for the Delivery Expedition?
Estimated delivery is 2-3 working days.

What should I do if I want to exchange / return an item?
Please sign in to our website using your account, then open the ‘Confirm / track order’ page. If you wish to return your order, click ‘Return’. Select the item you want to return and make sure you choose a refund or your points. We can only process returns with these details.

Items returned to us must be in their original condition, UN-USED, CHANGED, WASHED, and still complete with the label / pricetag. If you want to exchange goods, please contact our Customer Service. Exchange of goods only applies to items with a different color / size of the same item. We do not accept exchange of goods because you do not like the style of the item.

Make sure you have read our Exchange / Returns Policy.

Do we open a partnership with a reseller / dropship system?
Yes, for now we always open partnerships with reseller / dropship systems.

How do you become a tenant in our shop?
To become a tenant in our shop, please fill out the Tenant Registration Form. If your brand passes the selection then we will contact you

What is the difference between my address and my shipping address?
Shipping address is the address where you want your order to be shipped. When you fill in your personal address on our website account, that address will be your shipping address. But if you want your order to be sent to another address, you can change the shipping address on the shipping details form.

Does our shop serve international orders?
Yes, we serve international orders using the EMS Pos Indonesia service. The order method is similar to domestic ordering, except that before ordering, you need to select “English” as the language. For more information, please contact us.

My order has not arrived.

Make sure you have checked the estimated goods down to the order details in your email. If your order has not arrived past the estimated delivery limit, please contact our Customer Service.

Transaction Code

The transaction code is a unique 3 digit number at the end of the grand total nominal. The code serves to help confirm your payment so you don’t need to confirm payment again. Therefore, we recommend that you pay according to the amount of the bill stated in the GRAND TOTAL and not be over or rounded off.

What if there are items that I don’t find in my order package?

It is possible that we ship different orders separately. Please check the Order Information e-mail to confirm whether one of your items was shipped separately.

If the item you ordered was sent in a different package, try checking the delivery note that states the contents of the package you received.

If there are items missing, please contact our Customer Service and state the order code as well as the name and number of the missing items. We will process this as quickly as possible.

Defective Items

If you receive a defective item, please immediately contact our Customer Service by including: – Order Code – Name of item and the amount received is defective – Description of the defect

We will immediately process and replace the items you receive as quickly as possible.

Receiving Unsuitable Orders

Please contact our Customer Service and state the order code as well as the name and quantity of the wrong item received. We will immediately correct the order.

We will immediately process and replace the item you receive as soon as possible. Terms of return of goods.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order at any time as long as you haven’t paid.

Please sign in first then go to your Account menu, select Order History, and view your recent orders. If there is a ‘Cancel’ button, you still have the opportunity to cancel the order by clicking that button. If you don’t see the ‘Cancel’ button, it means the order has been automatically canceled by the system.

I have ordered the goods, have transferred and confirmed the payment via the web. Then the status says ‘Confirmation Requested’. What does that mean?

‘Confirmation Requested’ means that our team is confirming the payment you made. If there are no problems, your ordered items will be packed and the status will change to ‘Packed’.

I ordered goods, transferred and confirmed payment via the web, but there was no notification via e-mail. Is that so?

An e-mail notification will appear after our team confirms your payment. Also check your “spam” e-mail folder because sometimes e-mail notifications come from us.

I ordered the goods and transferred the payment. Then how do you confirm the payment?

Payment confirmation can only be done via our website. How to Sign In to our website, go to your Account menu, select Order History. Find the order you want to confirm then press the Confirm button. Fill in the data for the account number and bank name that you use to make the payment transfer.

If you make a payment using another method, your payment will be automatically confirmed.